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Glutathione Pearl Soap

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Glutathione Pearl Soap

Glutathione is a very popular active ingredient widely use for skin lightening and softening purposes. It is safe for all kind of skin types. It is designed to clean body well and fight against bacteria.

Pearl & Vitamin C is rich in amino acids, proteins, antioxidants and beautifying minerals that aid cells renewal, stimulate collagen production and prevent pigmentation and wrinkles.

The combination of Glutathione, pearl & vitamin C in this soap are excellent combination to those dream a brigthen skin.

Made From : Pure Olive, Sweet Almond, Coconut & Palm Oil, Glutathione, Pearl Powder & Vitamin C

Suitable for : Normal to Oily Skin
Concern for : Brightening & Whitening

✓ Brightening & Whitening
✓ Treat acne
✓ Fading scar
✓ Reduce sebum
✓ Remove dead cells skin
✓ Tighten pores