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Candle Bush Soap aka Sabun Daun Gelenggang

RM 25.00 RM 27.00

Candle Bush plant extract has wonderful anti-inflammatory & Antioxidant properties
It also has amazing anti fungal properties and anti microbial properties making it very effective for treating skin diseases.

Made From : Candle Bush Leaves, Sunflower, Pure Olive, Sweet Almond, Coconut & Palm Oil.

This soap is unscented

Suitable for : All skin types
Concern for : Eczema, Mild Allergies & Body Odor

1. To reduce the accumulation of bacteria and unpleasant body odor.
2. Reduce inflammation
3. Anti-bacteria
4. Treats eczema & mild skin allergies
5. Anti-Pruritic
6. Reduce itchiness
7. Againts ringworms

Unscented, NO Color, NO Preservative, NO Fragrance

All is 100% Natural